A large collection of online slots

It's clear that online slot fans outnumber fans of all other online casino games, and you can see this by the simple fact that there are so many slots available. If you look at even just the top three or four most popular software developers in the industry, you'll have well over 1,000 slots to pick from, so it's clear that there are a ton of games out there. If you want to pick out the games that will work best for you, then you need to know what's available without having to search through every single title. We're going to show you the important things to look for in online slots to make your search quicker and easier.

Jackpot Values

On the most basic levels, there are two key types of jackpots. The most popular jackpots are called progressives, but most games have a static value that doesn't change as their top jackpot. Progressive jackpots are the most popular in terms of getting attention because they're the biggest prizes in the entire industry, but the majority of games do not have them (because they would get watered down). Instead, most games just have a reasonably high payout as their top jackpot, but there are some pretty big differences in how these two types of games play.

For example, progressive jackpot games almost always have a very high volatility. Because so much value is wrapped up in the jackpot itself, players are put in a position where they don't get much value from the rest of the pay table, so the swings of the game will be much more frequent and much more intense. Games with a static top jackpot can vary in volatility, but because not as much value is caught up in the top payout, more value is available for small and medium wins. This leads to a smoother experience for players with fewer swings.

Bonus Features

Different types of players like different types of bonus features. The most popular bonus features right now are the pick a box style games and free spins, but there are always new innovations happening and new spins being put on old features. Most video slots these days have wild symbols, and many of them offer different types of extras like expanding wilds that cover an entire reel. You can also get sticky wilds that stay in place for multiple spins, and there are shifting wilds that move over one spot each spin until they move all the way off of the reels.

Another popular feature that affects normal gameplay is the avalanche feature. This can also be called an exploding feature or rolling reels. The basic idea is that when a winning combination is hit, you'll be paid, and then those symbols will explode to be removed from the reels and to allow new symbols to fall into place. Then you get a chance to pick up more wins and repeat the process for what amounts to a type of free re-spin. What's more is that these extra re-spins are often hit with multipliers, so you can run up some pretty significant payouts in the process by hitting several different payouts on a single spin.

Picking What Works for You

The bottom line is that you need to pick what works for you instead of just blindly following what people say are their own favorites. There is no universal opinion of what the best types of jackpots, features or other aspects of an online slot are, and that means there are no universal opinions of what the best individual games are either. That means it's your job to get as much information as you can and then build up some experience to figure out what you like the most about the games yourself.